5 Reasons to Spend Your Tax Refund on Travel

Yay! Your taxes are done! (Or they’re almost done . . . or at least you’ve filed for an extension, so yay to that too!) According to the IRS, the average taxpayer receives a tax refund of $3,000, which is just the right amount of money for a pretty fantastic overseas trip, flights included!

Thanks to Brexit, the British Pound is down so your money goes a lot further!

You’ve worked very hard all year, probably haven’t used much of your work leave (per usual, tsk tsk), and you’ve got a sweet tax refund coming. Here are 5 reasons why you should spend your tax refund on travel:

  1. You can afford it: Take a look at the sample itineraries on our new FST-Exclusive Sale Page. Notice something? All the sample itineraries are under $3,000! Thanks to your refund you can afford that vacation you’ve been wishing for.
  2. Bang for your buck: According to Kayak.com, flights to Europe from major U.S. cities are WAY down, thanks to the introduction of several transatlantic low cost carriers reintroducing actual competition onto the market. As for destinations, thanks to Brexit and the U.K. officially giving notice to the EU to start exit talks, the British Pound is way down which means your U.S. dollar goes much further. The dollar is also running strong against the Euro, so it’s a great time to visit Europe.

    Experiences, like travel, make you happier than just “stuff.”
  3. Experiences make you happier than stuff: Studies have shown that the happiness derived from purchasing stuff like clothes or TVs fades pretty quickly but travel becomes a special experience we carry forever and is ingrained as a lasting part of our identities. So take that tax refund and go experience a new part of the globe! Just remember to actually experience the destination directly and not through your smartphone.
  4. Save for that BIG trip: You’ve been itching to go to Australia or Asia but you really need 2 weeks to enjoy it and there’s no way you’re sitting in coach . . . you’re right, $3,000 isn’t going to cut it. Who says you have to spend your tax refund right away? Create a travel savings account and start saving! I recommend Ally Bank – no they’re not paying me to say this, I just personally use them, really like their online savings account, and they actually give you an interest rate that makes some money.
  5. You have a travel agent to help you: If you have no idea where to start in planning your tax refund-fueled escape, or are overwhelmed by the options, you have FST to help you out! We’ll do all the planning and research for you and find you the deals to keep you on budget. Send us a request and we’ll get started right away.

Here’s hoping you get a big ‘ole tax refund this year!

Happy traveling and carpe passportus!