About FST

Hey all, Chad here! I'm the owner and lead travel agent for Four Spheres Travel, a boutique travel agency in Washington, DC. I started FST in October 2012 to help others step out of their day-to-day lives and dive into relaxation and discovery.

Our Specialties

My two favorite travel destinations are exploring the history and culture of Europe and the rest, relaxation, and value of all-inclusive resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean, which, appropriately, are the two destinations FST specializes in!

What is a "Boutique" Travel Agency?

Being a "boutique" agency means FST provides a higher level of service delivered during non-traditional hours and with a profound commitment to personalized service every time for every client.

Why You Should Use a Travel Agent

The internet has revolutionized the ability to plan travel. But with great choice comes great confusion. A Google search for "Europe Vacation Ideas" yields over 37,000,000 results! FST is here to cut through the internet noise to allow you to relax before AND during your vacation.